What If Meniere’s Disease Is Only Balance and Hearing Symptoms?

We wrote this website / blog to encourage readers to look at Meniere’s disease as balance and hearing related.

There are some basic underlying scientific TRUTHS that you may not be aware of. One major natural law that “runs” or “controls” our lives is the law of cause and effect. Just as the law of gravity can’t be defied, so it is with the law of cause and effect.

To use this law to your benefit, you need to know that nothing EVER happens in our bodies without a cause. If you really dig down deep past all the medical jargon and ideas of how Meniere’s disease has to be the way professionals say it has to be, this law still holds true.

First of all you need to know that the purpose of your body is to protect you. It has many built-in protective measures. The immune system is one of the most important ones, but not the only one.

Another truth to “work with” is the fact your body WANTS to heal all the time. We all take this for granted, but we don’t all use this knowledge or fact to our advantage. You can’t remove this “automatic healing function”: it happens relentlessly, but it can be stopped or shut down. (The prefix “anti” gives you a big hint as to the desirable action of any product.)

So you, being aware of the immune system’s presence and how it can be shut down, can now make an informed choice. Having this knowledge allows you to be in control of what happens or is done to YOUR body and it is very important to how you may find relief from your Meniere’s disease attacks or symptoms.

These are all choices you make, innocently and voluntarily, with the best of intentions. So expand your knowledge base, scientifically. There is nothing to prevent you from using the advice of others, but now you do it very consciously.

Another truth is that your body needs you YOU to help keep it healthy so it can do its job (of keeping you healthy).  The only way a body (your body) can survive is with nutrients, water, and air.

Another truth is that this cause and effect goes from birth to death. So if you look at Meniere’s disease (minnies or miners as it is sometimes misspelled), people are told youngsters can’t have it..or teens don’t get it.. it has nothing to do with “getting it”. It has everything to do with “cause and effect”.

So the principles you will learn on this blog, will help you look at Meniere’s disease, and your health in general, differently, more scientifically, more simply. Sadly, some people feel others should be in control of their life and their body. I feel that is an abrogation of your responsibility. No one knows what you do with your body. Only you do, so it ends up with you being “in charge”.

Another truth is that your entire body is interconnected, meaning all the parts of your body, from your head to your toes “communicates” in some fashion. How your body “communicates” within itself can also be a trigger for your Meniere’s disease.

What goes on in your neck, could well have an effect on your toe or your ear.  Conversely, what you do to your toe, could have an effect on your ear. The most common communicating factors are skin and blood. blood circulates throughout your body, but your skin holds you together. There are many other methods as well.

Another truth is that chemicals change your body and those changes may also bring on a Meniere’s disease attack. That is why they are prescribed in drugs or other ways. When you put something onto or into your body you are trying to change something. But you also need to go back to the basic law of cause and effect. A chemical (the cause) creates an effect (the symptom). Some effects are good and some are not as helpful. Nevertheless, a new result is created (intentionally). This idea is the focus of many blog posts. It is a very ignored truth.

We will share tools and resources so you can do your own evaluations and explorations of your symptoms. After all this is YOUR body. It is your right (and responsibility) to think for yourself: to ask for clarification and to ask questions. You really shouldn’t care what name you are given. All you care about is the fact something very unpleasant is going on and you need to get rid of that feeling. This is not practicing medicine. This is using your common sense the way it was meant to be used.

Always feel free to discuss what you read in the blog posts with your medical professional. Every medical practitioner (be they a chiropractor, medical doctor, dentist, naturopath, etc.) goes into their chosen field with the idea to help someone. All have collected skills and knowledge. Discussing your ideas about Meniere’s disease clarifies your thinking: maybe some will come up with another test, or better still the actual cause of your symptoms and that can then be dealt with. Keep searching for ideas. Every cause will have an effect and every effect must have a cause. Keep this firmly in your mind.

About the blog posts

We felt it would be helpful for you to see the variety of questions we receive about Meniere’s disease: the situations (and frustrations) others experience with this terrible condition.

In each post, we will offer some insight and ideas of how your body functions and maybe what to look for. This is not practicing medicine. This is using your common sense to help you think things through. The more knowledge you have through learning, the better off you will be able to live your life. And truly, you are only responsible to live your life. So do it with all the awareness available.

Because our readers come from everywhere in the world, we share information that is generic to everyone.  The internet has changed “ways to do things”: the medical community has not been protected from this international evolution. We receive many emails from sufferers who have just been given a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease, told they have to live like this, and promptly get on the computers to search for different answers.

What is fascinating to us is to see how the entire world is treated the same way for this condition. called Meniere’s disease. Sadly, everyone is also told there is nothing to be done. Yet if you do a search for just the individual Meniere’s disease symptoms, there is a lot more knowledge and hopefulness.

Yes, we will mention the supplements. If you recall, a healthy body is your goal. Supplementation to support your immune system’s health maybe the first step to get this all started. Then maybe you can manage “on your own” later on.

After spending some time on this site, we trust you will feel much more hopeful, educated, and aware, ready to take back some control over yourself and your life.